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for Flute and Soprano.


Includes 1 music score in PDF.


Recording on SoundCloud (performed by Cristina Pastore and Coco Lau)


Commission and Premiere

This piece was premiered on 19th May 2022, at Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Austria, by Cristina Pastore and Coco Lau, who commissioned the piece.


Programme Notes

Written during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this piece is dedicated to everyone who fights for freedom.


In war, no one is ever right, or wrong. Yet, someone, and most of the time, innocents are those who have to pay the price. There is only one Earth, on which we are all trapped in. To live peacefully with each other, we must learn to respect. "求同存異" in Chinese, which means "seek common ground while reserving differences", is an essential approach toward mutual respect.


This piece attempt to demonstrate the difficulties of achieving the same goal by two inherently different entities. Such an attempt shall reflect, in reality, that the effort in gaining a common ground is almost impossible but always worth striving for.








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