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Set piece of 76th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2024) - Secondary School Choir - Chinese - Girls - Second Division - Senior



You are licensed to make unlimited copies for your choir.



Or you can contact to purchase the necessary amount of licensed scores(6GBP /60HKD per copy)

你亦可直接聯絡 購買所需數量之副本(每份6英鎊/60港元)。


Programme Notes

Mei Lai Building is Cantonese Choral music written for SSA Choir and Piano,

with lyrics by Xixi. The piece is sung in Cantonese.


Xixi approved for the composer to set text to the music. The composer expresses his gratitude to Xixi for her approval, and Mr Fuk Yan Ho, Nap Hei Wong and Hiu Tong Chiu for their assistance during the creative process.




取詞自香港已故著名作家西西女士所著《西西詩集》中的同名新詩。本作品已獲西西本人 授權創作,謹此衷心鳴謝西西女士授權本人為此詩譜曲,以及何福仁先生、黃納禧先生及 趙曉彤女士之協助。

美麗大廈 for SSA and Piano

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