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for Solo Clarinet


Includes 1 music score in PDF.


Recording on SoundCloud (performed by Johanna Leung)


Commission and Premiere

This piece premiered on 1st October 2022, at Saan1, Manchester, UK, by Johanna Leung


Programme Notes

This piece was written for Gey Teal Music Festival 2022, and premiered by Johanna Leung. Its name was given for the resemblance of the main theme to the tones of the Cantonese phrase “明月照地唐生菜”. It is loosely translated as “Moonlight shinning on a Chinese lettuce”, a rather nonsensical phrase.

Such a name experiments upon whether the textual content(title and programme notes) of a piece of music changes how people perceive it. This piece was performed twice during the festival. The name was called before the performance the first time whilst after it the second time. The audience’s responses were dramatically different.


Ironically, the intention of this name was to demonstrate the redundancy of a title to a piece of music. However, as a result, this name proves that the title of a piece affects how people perceive the music.








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